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This may not be a complete listing of all communications that could happen. Ask your medical carrier if Anafranil could interact with other medicines that you take. Get in touch with your health and wellness treatment supplier before you begin, stop, or transform the dosage of any type of medicine.

You could have WITHDRAWAL symptoms if you quit taking Anafranil instantly. These may include unsteadiness, headache, irritation, nausea, fatigue, problem resting, and vomiting.

Anafranil Clomipramine. Clomipramine Anafranil.

All medications may trigger adverse effects, but many individuals have no, or small, adverse effects. If any of these most COMMON side impacts persist or become irritating, check with your medical professional.

Irregular bowel movements; looseness of the bowels; lightheadedness; drowsiness; completely dry mouth; migraine; irritability; anorexia nervosa; nausea or vomiting; nightmares; sweating; tiredness; dismayed stomach; throwing up; weakness; weight reduction or gain.

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Extreme sensitive responses (rash; hives; irritating; trouble breathing; rigidity in the breast; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); adjustments in libido; chest pain; confusion; minimized sex-related ability; dropping; quick, sluggish, or irregular heartbeat; fever; purging; difficult or regular peeing; spontaneous habits or various other unusual changes in habits; psychological or state of mind changes (eg, boosted anxiousness, state of mind swings, agitation, irritation, uneasiness, restlessness); numbness or tingling of the skin; anxiety attack; buzzing in the ears; seizures; extreme wooziness or sleepiness; aching throat; belly discomfort; suicidal thinking or behavior; swelling of the testicles; trembling; trouble sleeping; difficulty strolling or keeping your balance; shivering of the face or tongue; uncontrolled motions or tightness of legs and arms; uncommon blood loss or wounding; intensifying of depression; yellowing of the skin or eyes.


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